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Jigs for soft plastics and bait

All of our products were created from experience and need. We have been fishing since early childhood , and paying attention to detail. From farm ponds and rivers to the inshore/nearshore to the stream, we create unique jigs and rigs (and show techniques) that get bites. 

Sharing the Knowledge

It's not just about the jigs and tackle, It's about giving anyone the ability to catch the larger (wiser) fish, and be able to catch numbers of good fish also. We want to share our knowledge, thru the vehicle of video(s), about how to make this tackle work best. For example, the Barefoot Jumpin' Jig fishes any soft plastic under a poping cork far superior to any other jig head because it keeps the (soft plastics) horizontal and Jumping from side to side with it's built-in action... 


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Who We Are

We truly love to fish the offshore waters for bottom fish and pelagics, but like to catch fish wherever we're at. This is the reason we've created freshwater Circle Hook Chin Weights that are "good on the fish, and good on the fisherman". Since we are releasing (bass), and most freshwater fish, we created circle hook Chin Weights that safely and securely hook fish for a healthy release

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J Hook Chin Weights

Two things that stand out about the J Hook Chin Weight are...

Easy to rig and how beautufully it swims a ballyhoo or squid

Ballyhoo swim like they are alive 

The J Hook Chin Weight is shown (rigged) with a cable stinger hook and copper wire

See video..

Circle Hook Chin Weights

Circle Hook Chin Weights are one product that have application in all types of fresh and saltwater fishing from White marlin to bass, bream and catfish, and everything in between.

Shown snelled ... 

See the video for rigging suggetions, including how to make the Chin Weight "snag resistant"


The Barefoot Jumpin' Jig

This is the ONLY jig on the market that makes your soft palstics move! When we say "move", we really mean JUMP! The reason for this is the flared head and the perfectly balanced position it sits in the water. For example, the jig with your choice of soft plastics will sit horizontal down deep or under a poping cork and "jump" when twitched with the rod tip

See video to see this amazing action


Proof's in the puddin'

Just one example of how the J Hook Chin Weight swims a ballyhoo, and how effective the stinger is...Here is a beautiful wahoo that was fooled on a naked ballyhoo and florocarbon

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Circle Hook Chin Weights ROCK!!!

Circle Hook Chin Weights are perfect for a number of species including drum, snook, stripers and grouper in saltwater.

Bass, catfish and stripers in freshwater

These Jigs can easily be made "snag resistant" ...See the video


The Barefoot Jumpin' Jig

In addition to trout, drum and flounder, snook and tarpon are the perfect quary for the soft plactic shrimp and minnow immitations on the Jumpin' Jig

....See vieo below

Squid Decoy Jigs... 12 and 8 oz.

The 8 oz.(top) and the 12 oz. (bottom) Squid Decoy Jigs are made to fish the bottom while drifting or anchored. The (heavy duty) 10/0 circle hooks are good to go for anything that may bite, from large grouper and halibut to the largest AJ's and stripers in the race ... come one, come all !!!

Can be modified with J Hooks also

Crab Decoy Jigs...4 oz.

Even though these jigs are not (currently) legal for offshore bottom fishing along the east coast and gulf coast, many anglers are ordering these to fish for striped bass, nearshore drum, snook, grouper and west coast bottom fish.


"Nothing ever caught the gags any better for me....PERIOD"

John "Barry" Bobbitt

Squid Decoy Jig

The Squid Decoy Jig looks like a squid that has caught a minnow or another squid (your bait) and eating it.

It's the weight and the bait, all in one, and a "decoy" of what is really happening.

Tim Barefoot with a nice gag

Back in the day.....when it was legal to use J hooks, NOTHING outfished the Crab Decoy Jig for gags. 

Like this 35 lb. gag in 72 ft. of water off Wrightsville Beach, NC

...See vieo below


Killer presentation and

"Killer presentation and hook-up ratio.

I'm fishing straight to the jig with braided line and can feel everything that's happening unlike the long leader I used to fish"

Not just another pretty bait...

NOTHING swims a ballyhoo better than a Chin Weight

A perfect swimming bait gets the bite!

This 76lb. wahoo ate a naked hoo and the stinger hook made this photo possible

...See video 


Big scamps love a Decoy Jig/bait combo drifing barely overhead in the deeper water

This one came out of 225 ft. with a frozen cigar minnow on a 12 oz. Squid Decoy.

Getting it done!

There's only so much time in any offshore fishing day... don't go half cocked, fish the best for real results. BIG scamps didn't get big by being idiots... This one bit a Decoy Jig/live bait combo


This one is like hundreds of other nice ones... Back before the circle hook law, the Crab Decoy Jig made it happen !

Proven Effectiveness

We've been doing the research for you for the last decade. No more "testing" required...

The results are in, and the Decoy Jig has a proven track record

Completely Fooled

The larger ( older/wiser ) fish are fooled by the "cleaner" tackle and bait presentation with the Decoy Jig. Younger (less experienced) fish will bite most baits, but the big boys are picky... The Decoy Jig puts 'em in the box.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

The Barefoot Jumpin Jig Rigging

This video illustrates how to maximize the action of the jig, in addition to a simple (heavy duty) connection from flourocarbon to braided line.

Snag Resistant Circle Hook Chin Weight

This video illustrates how to make the circle hook Chin Weight snag resistant using a snelled flourocarbon leader and weed gaurd

Circle Hook Chin Weight Catfishing

Cape Faer River catfish on the circle hook Chin Weight using cut fresh shad 

This is not the snag resistant Circle Hook Chin Weight

Rigging a ballyhoo on a Circle Hook Chin Weight

"This is so simple, even I can do it" 

Quote: Tim Barefoot

This video demonstrates how easy it is to rig a perfectly swimming ballyhoo on a Circle Hook Chin Weight

"Plug and Play" ballyhoo 

Striped and Hybrid Bass Behind Dam

Recent footage from a hydro-elctric dam with my new friend OJ catching striped and hybrid bass on the Barefoot Jumpin Jig

NC gag fishing with Capt. Joe Hifko and Crab DecoyJigs

Serious gag grouper fishing off NC with Capt. Joe Hifko using Crab Decoy Jigs and frozen minnows

Nice gag on a Crab Decoy Jig

35.1 lb. gag on a Crab Decoy Jig off the NC coast

Making the "clicking float"

This video illustrates the construction of the the clicking float 

Crimped Cable Over Pin For Chin Weights

This is a much easier version of the stinger hook using 175 lb. (49 strand) cable vs. 175 lb. single strand wire

Cable crimped over pin to fit over the barb of the hook for easy change of stingers

Nice wahoo on a J Hook Chin Weight

Just another example about how the stinger hook save the bite from just being another "SHORT STRIKE"...

Rigging Barefoot jigs and Chin Weights

Video made years ago showing rigging tips for most of our tackle. With the exception of the cable stinger hook connection, this is still accurate information.


Check out this great video


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